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Blackout City FREE

4.0 ( 3440 ratings )
게임 엔터테인먼트 액션 아케이드
개발자: Thickpolicy LLC
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Grab your keys and drive over lit sections of road to drain energy from
the power grid and blackout the city. Travel across New York City,
shutting down the lights and unlocking new levels and new challenges along
the way. But it wont be easy. You will face enemies bent on your
destruction. Learn how they drive to survive.

Tilt left or right to change direction. Tap the Jump button to reach
higher levels and avoid obstacles. Tap the Shoot button to stun enemies,
then crash into them to get them off the road. Darken consecutive levels
of roads to chain together combos and pick up extra points and ammo along
the way to boost your score - a higher score means a higher bulb rating!

Classic fast-paced arcade action through New York City, 5 levels, and
global leaderboards.

Compatible with iOS 4 and multitasking.