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Old School Gamer

It's just Electric City or whatever that game was called on NES back in the day...the only thing now is that, instead of jump on the cars to kill them...u shoot them. If you grew up in the 80's... you know what I'm talking about. Good Game but, needs smoother controls tho!

Black out

Is a fun game

Love this game!

Admittedly, I was terrible at this game when I first started playing, but it's addictive. I'm determined to make it through all of the cities. I want to see more of the great graphics! Love this game!

Arcade kid

I used to play those car racing games as a kid and this reminds me a lot of that. This is a like a new-age re-vamped version of those games I loved. Plus I don't have to have a pocket full of quarters to play this.

Like nothing I have ever played

I've downloaded a ton of apps in my day, but nothing compares to this fine piece of work. Who ever created this app, should keep them coming, all over the Iphone. Thickpolicy LLC please make a sequel.


It's ok I guess

Super addictive.

Let me just say a few things about this game: Looks great, plays great. Unique concept makes it hard to put down. I played this one and got the full version in an instant.. Will let you know when I beat it...

great for all ages

as an older gamer, i really appreciated the old school concept and gameplay, but my kids also love this one too!

Awesome graphics

Awesome graphics. Never really been into games but the graphics are so sweet and this game is just really addictive. Nice to finally have a realy app for sale in the app store. I'll fork over the 99 cents to check out the other levels! I'll be playing this on my way to work.



Really unique and fun

The gameplay is unique and the graphics are awesome...definitely worth getting the full version to see all of the rest of the levels

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